We know sickness doesn’t follow a schedule. That’s why we make sure a physician is available 24/7 every day of the year to help you when you need it.

No, where you are located and where the physician is located does not need to match. We will pair you with a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in your state.

There are no extra fees! It is free to enroll in the Medco TeleHealth service. Before you see a physician, there will be a $50 consultation fee that can be paid with a credit card for your convenience.

You will want to be able to provide a brief medical history as well as common data such as age – height – weight. You will need a list of medications that you are currently taking–both prescription and over-the-counter. Finally, you will need the name and number of your pharmacy in case your doctor wants to phone in a prescription.

Medco TeleHealth service is available for a variety of non-emergency conditions for patients over the age of three. To open an account, you must be 18 or older. For patients under the age of 3, we recommend an in-person visit to your pediatrician, urgent care facility or emergency department.

Telemedicine is a great way to conference call with a physician. If you have a common or routine medical concern that is not an emergency and does not require special equipment, such as imaging, you can have easy access to a physician through this platform. However, it cannot take the place of in-person care for serious and life-threatening medical conditions. Additionally, it is not a good way to get refills for medications or to obtain prescription painkillers.

All of our physicians are board-certified and have years of experience practicing medicine. They are all qualified to address routine medical conditions and bring you the top level of Health care that you deserve.

A. If you have made an appointment that you cannot keep, simply login to your account and cancel the appointment, up to 30 minutes in advance. Appointments cancelled within 30 minutes will be billed since our physicians time has been allocated to your appointment.

Your Medco TeleHealth physician is not required to grant you a prescription refill. You should return to your regular physician for refills. It is important to note that many medications, such as codeine or oxycodone, cannot be refilled through a telemedicine visit. Your physician will determine if a prescription is warranted. But a telemedicine visit does not guarantee a prescription.

We cannot treat emergency conditions or treat children under 3 years of age. These should be treated at the nearest emergency room or urgent care facility. Medco ER & Urgent Care is ready to see you 24/7 with no wait at our Plano location at 3960 Legacy Drive, Dallas, TX 75023. (Map here  In the case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

Symptoms or conditions that require prompt medical care at a facility near you: concussion or traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness, blood in the stool, spinal injury, vomiting blood, coughing blood, abdominal pain, lacerations, burns, ear infections, broken bones, suicidal behavior, or eye injury.

We follow all HIPPA guidelines. Your account and your consultation are private and confidential. Click here for our privacy policy.

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